The PracticeCaddie

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How can a Practice Caddie improve my golf game?

Golfers go to a practice facility to hone their skills and learn to gauge their distance. But often courses only provide estimates of the correct distance to each marker. As the chart to the left indicates, depending on the position of each golfer on your teeing area, there are vast differences to each target marker.

With a Practice Caddie positioned at each player's particularly teeing area, each player is provided accurate distance to every target, regardless of where they are positioned on the practice tee. This ability to "Know Your Distance"; results in more efficient and worthwhile practice time for players.

How does the Practice Caddie work?

The Practice Caddie can be placed upon an ordinary golf bag rack or placed free-standing at each hitting station. A digital LCD display with customized colored flags represents each target marker on the practice facility and the exact distances to each target. Patented wireless distance measurement technology enables the display to be automatically updated each time the Practice Caddie is moved. Prominently positioned to the left and below the display is a dedicated space for brand identification or sponsors. A clock helps golfers keep an eye on their tee time.

The Practice Caddie is lightweight and portable, unobtrusive, and completely weatherproof, designed to withstand the harshest of environments and incidental club or ball strikes. It comes with a full-term warranty from Built Fore Golf against defects in workmanship and quality and first-rate customer service before, during and after installation.

Your practice facility can now offer golfers a way to maximize the efficiency of their practice time and improve their shot making skills while giving you an opportunity to increase your revenue stream and visibility.

System Features

  • Patented wireless distance measurement system and positioning algorithm
  • LCD display with colored flags displays instantaneous and accurate yardages to all practice targets
  • Recalculates distances when moved anywhere on your teeing area
  • No need to laser yardages, post signs, pace off, or estimate distances
  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and incidental club or ball strikes
  • Prominent branding area for course name and logo or sponsors
  • Time of day clock on every Practice Caddie
  • Designed to be used with existing standard bag stands or free-standing kick stands.