Sponsorships and Advertising

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Sponsorships and Advertising

How many businesses in your area would want to get their message in front of the typical upscale golf player with disposable income? Chances are, there are many.

Each Practice Caddie has a designated space on the front panel for advertisers to display their message or ad to be viewed by every golfer that uses your practice facility each time they hit a practice ball. With the average bag of balls numbering 35 a golfer will change clubs and re-check his yardage to the new target approximately 5 to 7 times. A typical 30,000 round golf course will offer sponsors on this panel an average of 150,000 to 210,000 exposures annually. Not to mention the continued exposure as individuals pass by on their way to play their round of golf.

Ad area: 12.25" (Wide) x 6.275" (Tall)

Logo area: 5.625" (Wide) x 6.15" (Tall)

This unique service of Built Fore Golf is ideal for auto dealers, financial institutions, real estate companies, golf equipment companies or any business that wants to reach this prime demographic. The design team at Built Fore Golf can even produce the special advertising that goes on the panel.

Not only can the revenue generated from this service help offset the cost of your system, it can help your course build relationships with local and national businesses for future opportunities.