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Customized Services

Customized service is the hallmark of Built Fore Golf.

Each PracticeCaddie has the capability of providing distance measurements to up to 12 individual targets which may be a flag, pole, tree, bunker, or other object. We customize every unit to show each of the targets.

The PracticeCaddie is also personalized for your course with your name and logo on the front of each unit. We also adjust flag colors and other symbols unique to your course and include information like course designer, affiliations, loyalty programs, and website address. Our design team can create the exact identity to fit your club's needs and itís all included in the price of the unit.

Once youíve ordered your units to your specifications, our Installation and Support Specialists consult with your management team and survey your facility prior to installation and setup of your Built Fore Golf system. We work around your schedule in order to cause no disruption to your facility.

The actual installation of the system takes less than one day, but we will take as long you need to instruct you on usage of the system and the simple steps that ensure optimum system operation from the PracticeCaddie. Furthermore, we also provide a toll-free service and support line, and if needed, a representative will arrange an on-site visit for service after installation.

We want to make it easy for you to utilize your PracticeCaddie and the benefits it provides including the potential for outside sponsorships. The link below provides further information about this service.